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October 2023 Events & News

Check out our events for October 2023 below!

PublicScan: 3D digital media artist Julio E. Berroa is a Dominican born artist who works in CGI art, Video, Photography and Music.

Berroa is often creating hyperreal and immersive scenes of intense experiences using vivid colors and organic shapes and textures depicting very intimate moments.

During this workshop, Berroa will be providing a demo on how he makes 3D scans of people and objects by using his phone or iPad aided by an app software called ScandyPro and sharing his workflow through a step-by-step process of taking a scan to bringing it into his computer and making digital images, Augmented Reality experience and more!

Join Berroa on October 8th at 2pm to learn about 3D Scanning, his creative practice!

Exhibition Closing & Artist Talk: Our current exhibition exploring Hispanic Heritage is coming to a close. Please join us for the last viewing and hear from four artists as they discuss their work.

Gather in the Garden: Gather in the Garden will take place inside the Botanical Center at Roger Williams Park.

We are combining local artists, musicians, and DJs with local wellness shops, healers, and spiritualists for another energizing night inside the garden. At this moment in time, people are shifting their focus to healing themselves, reconnecting with the earth, and building community and we want to uplift all of those efforts. This is especially important for our Indigenous, Black, Latinx, and people of color communities dealing with generational trauma, oppression, displacement, and white supremacy.

This event is about planting seeds that will grow into a stronger sense of self, affinity bonds, liberation, and generational health. We invite you to discover tools, explore your options, and connect with people that can help you elevate your well-being.

Enjoy the greenery in October at New England's largest indoor glasshouse garden display. A wide variety of plants can be found, including majestic palms, carnivorous plants, cacti, and succulents. This indoor garden in the fall is the perfect backdrop for healing energy.

Yarn and Yoga: Join Jani of @SoftlyKnotted - a fiber artist and yoga instructor.

A beginner-friendly space for an hour of crochet, and then another hour of yoga, and mindfulness practice.

Limited number of hooks and yarn provided. It is recommended to bring a 4.5-5.5 mm sized hook and some yarn. Please bring your own yoga mat.

Questions? Email

Insight Meditation: Laura & Court will continue holding classes in October where they start with light, accessible movement. Laura calls this "slide and slab" where you lay on the floor and do gentle stretches. Then Court jumps in to guide you through Dharma (the teaching of Buddhism) philosophy and then the group practices meditation.

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