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About the Exhibit 

In the month of May we invite you to experience our latest exhibition"To see & hear: A visual art and poetry exhibition". 

On view from May 3rd to 31st 2024.

There are many different mediums artists use to express emotion and life experiences that are part of their make up. As far back as any of us can imagine art has been used as a tool to inspire,teach, address inner turmoil and world issues. 


This exhibit will explore the connection of visual art and written poetry. Featuring several artist work  that will connect their work to a poem of their choice as well as several  featured poems from local writers. 

Featured Artists:

Jasmine Alves




Jasmine Alves is a photographer and creative artist proudly born and raised in Providence, RI. Art, particularly  photography, has evolved into a powerful outlet where her authentic self finds its voice, drawing inspiration from the vibrant souls navigating the concrete jungles of PVD. A self proclaimed lifelong bandit Jasmine utilizes her lens as a tool for emotional exploration capturing the raw essence of her feelings. To truly understand her is to experience her art. 


Fluid as running water, we are portals to something deeper.

Rachel Hughes




Rachel Hughes is a Bajan American writer, visual artist, and stage performer whose work has appeared in FringePVD, Hera Gallery, The Vernal Arts & Music Festival, The Wilbury Theatre Group, and more. She has been published in The Bookwoman, The City & The Sea Anthology, Directed Dreaming, Soar For Harriet, Q/A Poetry Journal, and Wizards in Space Literary Magazine.


Sometimes you look in the mirror and there are words staring back at you instead of a face. Pages turning instead of a voice. Sometimes you need to look forward, so far into the future that you are beside yourself. Maybe you need to climb so far down into the past that you remember, in painstaking detail, where and when your echoes first started to ring out. Or perhaps you slowly build a nest of the present moments around you and call that home, a home you can carry in your arms.

Ariel Lyneese Deane




Ariel Lyneese Deane, based in Brockton, MA. With a Bachelor of Arts in Criminology & minor in Studio Art from Framingham State University, she's passionate about creating educational artwork that depicts a moment in history or a historical figure. Her portfolio contains idealized and stylized representational art based on her life as a Jewish-Caribbean American woman. Ariel has mainly been exploring the techniques of reductive charcoal and pixelation via different mediums; oil pastel, Acrylic Gouache, and collage. No matter the subject of the piece, it can be broken down into smaller parts, to signify the commonality within us all.


As a Multi Medium artist, I provoke difficult conversations and challenge social perspectives. Embodying the idea that art is an essential form of expression that can push for social change. These three Reductive Charcoal drawings depict protesters in Ferguson, MO during the aftermath of the fatal police shooting of Micheal Brown in 2014. Although the phrase had its birth in Ferguson, it has become a symbol and common chant in protests all across the United States. 


In 2020 they participated in the Brockton, Black Lives Matter Protest and after hearing about my experience, their sister, Salena Deane wrote a Poem titled, 3-3-3. A rhythmic story told from the perspective of a participant in protests like the one she had experienced. Her art and her poetry connected to see and hear a Black Lives Matter protest.

Phoenix Kabali




A Philly native, now Providence transplant takes a unique approach to bring his perspective to the world through visual art storytelling. An award winning columnist and photojournalist, seasoned educator and author, his work and experience have blended a lens through his lens that he intends to share with the world.

Eli Kauffman




Eli Kauffman grew up in Salt Lake City, Utah, and is currently based out of Providence, Rhode Island. They graduated from Rhode Island School of Design with a BFA in 2022. During their degree they received the Maharam Fellowship, and exhibited works at the RISD Museum. In 2022 Kauffman was also included in an edition of New American Paintings magazine. 


Kauffman debuted their first international solo exhibition in London in 2023, with Artistellar Gallery. They have shown work in St. Tropez, France, and in the United States, in San Francisco, Salt Lake City, and Los Angeles. Recently they have been awarded the RISCA Make Art Award. Though primarily interested in painting, Kauffman is also known to explore printmaking, textiles, and ceramics. 


Their work mythologizes interpersonal relationships, sourced through a combination of photos and film stills. The reference imagery highlights the disparity between personal experiences of friends and family, and the sensationalized storytelling of social media and television. They are interested in the conversation between contemporary painting, and pop culture media that is considered low brow. Their work is like a soap opera; It is all about slowing fast moments down so that we can sit in them.

Magda Leon




Magda Leon, a Guatemalan multidisciplinary artist residing in Providence, RI focuses on printmaking, installation and social practice art. Leon’s work reflects her bicultural identity which she  cariñosamente refers to as “De Aquí y De Allá”.


Magda leon lives a life straddling two worlds, an existence defined by the borderland. As an immigrant she intimately understands the challenges of navigating between two countries, cultures, languages and economic classes. This perpetual state of “betweenness” has deeply influenced her perspective, leaving her feeling like an outsider, yet she holds onto hope in her quest to reconcile these distinct worlds.

Series: Flor Entre Muchas ( Flower Among Many )

Robyn Bourgoin 





Robyn Bourgoin is an artist, a poet, avid hiker, and photographer. Fueled by an innate need for peace and solace in the outdoors, she spends much of her precious free time exploring the trees and shores of Rhode Island; and when not out there exploring - she is writing and creating art out of her home with her family in West Warwick.


Robyn Bourgoin is an acrylic and mixed media artist; a lifelong learner of all things creative and self-taught in her current artistic exploration. She draws inspiration from her many walks in the woods and along the Rhode Island shores before the sun rises; finding joy in expressionism with a vibrant yet soothing color palette. Her paintings evoke moods and expression in details over a complete image – allowing the viewer to find themselves in their own way. 


Poetry is yet another creative outlet where Robyn has found her voice. With her lyrical style and natural inspirations, she is able to evoke moods and visuals that connect deeply with the reader; for love, soul searching and the human connection are themes for the ages. Her writing is inspired directly through peaceful moments in nature. Weaving these two passions together is something she always desired, never imagined, and yet somehow has always known this is where she’d end up discovering true joy.

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