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GRATITUDE Art Exhibit - Artists & Details

Learn more about our current exhibit exploring GRATITUDE!

Additional Viewing Dates:

  • Friday, Nov 3: 6-9 PM

  • Friday, Nov 10: 1-6 PM

  • Saturday, Nov 11: 1 PM-5 PM

  • Friday, Nov 17: 1-5 PM

  • Saturday, Nov 18: 11-2 PM

  • Saturday, Nov 25: 1-5 PM

  • Closing: Friday, Dec 1: 5-8 PM

Featured Artists:

Adeliza Silva

Adeliza Silva, born in Cape Verde (Brava) moved to the US when she was 19 years old. Currently living in Providence and working with people that are battling against drug addiction, she started learning art from a young age and has been practicing over time. “Just like my English,” she says. With no major diploma or degree, still on a learning curve, and appreciating every lesson, she has managed to learn this much and will continue to do so.

Sincerely Leen

Sincerely Leen has been expressing herself through art since she was able to pick up a pencil. Art has became her escape and diary . Each piece created is like a page ripped straight from her diary that she is openly sharing with this beautiful world. She is so grateful to showcase Himeleen Laurent and what A&E art means to her. It is her love to share her story with everyone through anything and everything that is art, being honored to be able to add a little more color to life.

Tina Meetran

Tina Meetran is a Laotian artist and Providence native, who uses her art to immerse viewers in a world of color, nature, and cultural celebration. Her artistic journey began in high school, where she discovered the transformative power of visual arts under the guidance of New Urban Arts. She fell in love with the way that colors were mixed, made, and danced across a page. Starting in 2016, she invested more time in nurturing her skill and painting became her sanctuary—a space where stress melted away. Inspired by the movement of the natural world, she continues to explore acrylic and watercolors, focusing on capturing the vibrant beauty of florals. Additionally along this artistic journey, Tina recognized the lack of representation for Southeast Asian women like herself in the art field, inspiring her to celebrate and represent her own culture in her artwork more often.

Gabriela Diaz Garcia

Gabriela is a local artist residing in Providence, Rhode Island. She is the founder of GBYART, a brand all about artistic freedom. She is currently a Fine Arts student. Her mediums of preference are acrylic and oil paint. Many of her paintings are a representation of abstract and realism. The feeling of creating something impactful, something that makes people pause, reflect, and engage with her work makes her feel successful. Art serves as a reminder to be thankful for the simple joys, the beauty of nature, and the love and support of friends and family. Each piece is a testament to the profound impact and appreciation of her family.

Ray Almstrom

Ray challenges the audience to open their eyes and minds to his subject matter. Using vibrant color combos and graffiti tools of the trade, he shows you characters and letterforms inspired by the streets of Providence.

Thomas Walsh

Thomas Walsh is a Rhode Island based photographer and videographer who specializes in portraiture and event coverage. With over 10 years of experience in street and candid photography, Thomas has a unique ability to tell stories through his still images. This series of photos conveys his gratitude towards life by showcasing the environments we live in and how we live within them.

Mr, Goat

Francis Garcia (aka Mr. Goat) is a 29 year old Contemporary and Tattoo Artist from Rhode Island. Originally from the Dominican Republic, he came to the United States when he was 15 years old, thanks to his grandmother. Garcia is passionate about art, drawing, painting, tattoos and tattooing. He went to the Community College of RI to become a Graphic Designer but unfortunately dropped out. Thankfully that didn't stop him from becoming a full time artist. He started tattooing when he was 16 years old and was on and off with it until four years ago when he decided to become a full time artist. His paintings are based on the life of a character that he created: Mr. Goat, which is a stuffed animal. The goat appears as part of the story created on the canvas. Garcia works mostly with acrylic paint on canvas and his favorite canvas is a mural. I like to go as big as I can when I'm creating. His style is inspired by artists like Andy Warhol, KAWS, and Takashi Murakami. Garcia is super grateful to the universe for everything that has happened because painting and tattooing has been life changing. He gets to do what he loves, which is making art. I'm grateful for the support of my family and friends and people who enjoy my art.

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