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Cas & Spocka envisioned, launched, and operate Public Shop & Gallery in Providence, Rhode Island.


We both grew up as creative kids in Providence, participating in art shows, rap battles, performances, and plays. These days Cas writes poetry and creates mixed media visual art while Spocka is a musician, performer, and also creates visual art.


On September 7th, 2019 - we opened Public to support other creatives in our city. We host art exhibitions, community programming, and special events. Our shop features local creatives and makers.

Since opening, we've worked with over 125 artists, 110 makers, 65 community partners, 15 muralists, and 15 authors (as of Jan 2024). We survived the onset of Covid-19 with community support and continue to grow.


Public is African & Latina owned and home grown. We're a family-run, creative business that believes art is a form of resistance in a capitalist society and a practice that manifests liberation.

If you'd like to contact us, please email

Photo courtesy of Saúl Sandoval Navarrete



Inside Art with Michael Rose for GoLocalProv

"The exhibition features works ranging from photographs and mixed media pieces to prints, drawings, textile-based works, sculpture, and more. On view in Public’s space at 27 Sims Avenue, adjacent to The Steel Yard, the exhibition features an enticing body of works. Pieces by ten artists with local connections are on view including contributions by Nacho Amor, Vienna Mercedes Gambol, Izzy Rodriguez, Gabriela Cantú, Johanna Benitez, Haydee Naula, Michelle Perez, Jessica Reyes, S.A. Chavarría, and Christian Sánchez."

To read the full article, click here to visit GoLocalProv's site.

Interview with Michael Rose for GoLocalProv

"Few have brought as much energy, enthusiasm, and impact to the local art community as Casandra Inez and Spocka, co-owners of Public Shop and Gallery, a hard-to-label creative space that goes beyond traditional definitions of art venue. Located at 27 Sims Avenue in the complex of buildings that comprises The Steel Yard, Public is a working studio that is currently hosting an art show highlighting a great pool of talent."

To read the full article, click here to visit GoLocalProv's site.

Interview with Motif Magazine

"The route to the Public Gallery winds through a pretty rough neighborhood – the streets of Olneyville are lined with pawnbrokers, flea markets and head shops; an old woman waves down cars near a stop light, peddling flowers. But along with the obvious signs of poverty, there are signs of strength. A poster on a hardware store reads: “Community is stronger than hate.” There is truth to be found here, and a beauty that is born of the struggle. A new art scene is growing, and Public Gallery is one of the primary incubators."

To read the full article, click here to visit Motif's site.

Interview with Providence Monthly

"In a typical week, Public may host an art opening, vendor market, movie screening, open mic, poetry slam, collage night, and dinner prepared by a local chef. Driving past the little second-store gallery on Aleppo Street, you might never suspect such a busy schedule."

To read the full article, click here.

Interview with The Public's Radio

Click here to find the story on The Public's Radio website.

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