Hey fam,


We've been closed

As most of you know, we had to close our doors in mid-March due to COVID-19. What we didn't know at that time was how long it would last. Unfortunately, it would mean remaining closed for the next 5 months (April-August). During this closure, we've received minimal financial assistance due to requirements that neglected to consider small, new businesses. We weren't generating any income yet we had to cover all of our normal operational costs without any leniency from our landlord.

Not opening again

As our lease ends in August, we've decided to vacate our current location. Additionally, we won't be able to operate at full capacity safely for a while longer since COVID-19 is still a very real and dangerous threat to our community. We've had time to reflect on our purpose and we'd like to better position ourselves around other community-centered businesses (ownership). Although we're leaving this location, we will not close our business. We hope to open in a new location by June 2021. In the meantime, we'll be facilitating numerous projects under our "This Aint Free" campaign.

Announce Fundraiser

In order to move forward with our business and grow in ways that we can better support artists and community members, we're launching this fundraiser. It will help catch us up on overdue bills, fund projects in the fall and winter, and help secure a new space next spring.

Our "This Ain't Free" campaign has layers. Owning a business ain't free. Creating art ain't free. And our labor ain't free. We want to make a point that art is valuable and all creators should be well paid for their work. Together, as a community,  we have the ability to create a new standard for how we view, consume, and interact with art. 

1 Aleppo Street, Providence, Rhode Island 02909

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