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Community Outreach Survey

Until we open a new space in 2021, we will be facilitating some projects in a temporary location. We would love to hear from our fellow community members about their ideas and needs to help guide these projects. Over the next 8-10 months, we are hoping to create a variety of collaborative projects with multiple cohorts of folx. These projects will help us create more opportunities for individuals to learn and create new work we can all experience. The form below will help serve as a planning guide so please feel free to share with anyone you think would like to provide some input.

*Please note: this is not a "Call for Artists" - we aren't there yet. This is just to get input before we begin building cohorts for these projects but we will certainly reach out if you'd like to help lead or participate - just mention this in your form. Thank you! 


Thank you for your input! We've received awesome suggestions!

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