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Mural by Sagie Vangelina

We had the pleasure of managing this Mural Project, which was funded by The Steel Yard. After soliciting proposals and reviewing them, we landed on Sagie Vangelina. You can read more about "Transcending Dualities" below as well as pictures of what this staircase looked like before. We wholeheartedly appreciate the time and energy Sagie put into this piece of work as well as her patience! And the trust The Steel Yard put into us to carry out this project!

"Transcending Dualities is an expressive mural that delves into the intricate nature of human emotions and invites introspection. Through a captivating blend of colors, dynamic linework, and harmonious design, it visually captures the interplay of emotions and the fluidity of self-discovery.

This mural invites viewers to explore multiple perspectives, unveiling hidden depths and fostering a deeper understanding of their own emotional journeys. The artist's personal narrative, intertwined with intuitive guides, infuses the artwork with richness and authenticity.

As a celebration of the profound impact of self-expression amidst life's contradictions, this mural functions as a visual symphony. It resonates with the transformative power that emerges when we embrace and understand our emotions. It serves as an inspiring reminder of the beauty and growth that can be found when we transcend the limitations of dualities, embracing the unity within ourselves."

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