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July 2023 Events

Check out our events for July 2023 below!

A list of events happening in Providence during July 2023.

Open Studio: Do you use the park, a coffee shop, or your home to get work done? Well, here's another option! We'll have tables and chairs so that you can set up the workspace you need. You can work alone or sit with others. Grab a coffee across the street or bring your own beverage and snacks. We just want to offer space if you need it. We've got 3 dates in July so please stop by!

*free to attend, donations welcome.

Guided Movement, Dharma, and Meditation: Laura & Court have been holding classes for about a month at Public where they start with light, accessible movement. Laura calls this "slide and slab" where you lay on the floor and do gentle stretches. Then Court jumps in to guide you through Dharma (the teaching of Buddhism) philosophy and then the group practices meditation.

*free to attend, donations welcome.

Bars Over Bars: Enjoy R&B and Hip Hip performances by 401Dante, HoodBabySonny, Young Jo, Khan, and Lemon4de - hosted by J-Rem. It's an all ages show, 21+ to drink. Tickets available at the door.

$10 to attend.

Vintage Pop-Up: We'll have some vintage retailers for this group pop-up. There will be a variety of vintage finds so come ready to shop for unique items!

*free to attend, donations welcome.

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