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Drinkware Launch

Our friends at Bolt Coffee Co. in Providence won a contest and donated their winnings to Public. It gave us the opportunity to customize drinkware that we could sell in order to generate income.

We commissioned @stevelurkel for the design and here is what he had to say about the artwork:

"Despair. Confusing anxiety. Unwelcome lethargy. Rational fury. Hesitant happiness. These are several personal feelings I have struggled with for most of my life. 2020 has left most of the logical population feeling the same damn way, especially my sisters and brothers in the Black community. These feelings have magnified to such extreme levels it is absolutely maddening. Left unchecked and disregarded this can be a fatal move there is no coming back from.

The good folks at “Public” asked me to create a design for a gallery project that nods at the current climate. This is my illustration and it isn’t coated with bells and whistles for the same reason there are riots in our streets. The expressions you see here on these characters speak to our struggles. And our hopes… grasping for the unity and love behind the pain we all need so desperately. Resist this truth and we are forever lost. Reach out and at least there is still a chance."

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