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August 2023 Art Show - Artists & Details

Learn More About Our Current Show!

Additional Viewing Dates:

  • Saturday, August 19th - 11AM - 2PM

  • Saturday, August 26th - 11AM - 2PM

  • Friday, September 1st - 1PM - 4PM

  • Saturday, September 2nd - 11AM - 2PM

Featured Artists' Statements:

Eiden Spilker


My work sits somewhere in between craft, design, and fine art, drawing from my practices in architecture and music to examine material memory – the processes and history of interconnected relationships embedded within an object which brought it to the present moment.

I primarily use wood scraps salvaged from various design studios and workshops around Providence, mended together with other salvaged materials. While I don’t personally know the craftspeople and artists who shaped and ultimately decided to discard the materials, their mark is left on the wood, serving as the entry point to considering its past.

This material-centric view continues to expand well beyond this first degree of separation - to those who cut the tree down, the forest and ecosystem the tree grew in, etc. - the farther back I let my mind wander, the less I am part of the picture. What is left is the web of connections, a continual process of authorship and creation which I accentuate and honor in my sculptures.

My latest pieces expand my exploration of embedded memory to more broadly examine materiality through contrast, exposed connections + joinery, and engaging with craft traditions that have developed and maintain a deep knowledge of, and connection to, the materials they use.

Raphael Serrano Disla


Raphael Serrano Disla is a painter based in Providence, Rhode Island. Whose work deals with themes of enculturation, immigrant narratives, The Caribbean , Nature (its explicit and elicit meaning), familial bonds and it’s aftertaste, and lastly freedom, music ,and love which are all indicative of the human condition(s). Raphael is self taught.

Vic Xu


Drawing from the language of their everyday, Vic Xu's work flows between images, objects, and memory to sit with moments of quiet possibility, when past histories peak through and future visions feel malleable. Their work is inspired by cycles of re-generation and re-membered traditions that can be stretched into ones that nurture more spacious patterns for living, dancing, and being. This multimedia group of works is based around love as an act, a verb more than a noun, and an ode to the many teachers Vic has had around them - friends, family, and flowers.

Iris Wright


I am a queer, multimedia artist combining printmaking, book binding, textiles, and apparel to express the futility of accurate self-representation and the commodification of labor and identity. My performance of my gender is a habitual making of myself through established languages of presentation, like those of clothing and speech. To be perceived as neither man nor woman in a socialized binary gender system is near futile;

I lean into failure so far that it is transformed. My works are touched, worn, held, and spoken. I make communication tangible through tactile materials and moveable, often wearable elements, inviting viewers to interact with my work. I use and oppose the languages of production traditions that precede me, appropriating gendered apparel and product-oriented processes. I embrace color as a reclamation of flashy advertising strategies and in opposition to the false universalism of white minimalism. I print large editions and produce objects with laborious details to satirically perform the cultural fantasy of excessive work. I unite texture with language through textiles, bookmaking, and tactile printmaking. My poetry captures slivers of experience through careful though disloyal translation. I grapple with history and the haunting of objects through research and reuse. I ask how to express queer being under systems that demand and deny its legibility.

Die 59


Hello my name is Die Five Nine, I am an independent artist based out of Providence. I have been doing graffiti murals for 20 years. The art I do varies from surrealism, realism and comic style. I strive myself to create new and fun things on a regular basis to improve my techniques. Over the years I have learned to fine tune my abilities through the public work I do and commissions.

Hannah Mackie


Hannah (they/them) is a queer artist and advocate. They are a lover of dirt, avid over-waterer of house plants, and an ocean-dweller. Fascinated by experiences and understandings of belonging, they are ceaselessly exploring the intersections of identity and connection to place. Their work is a reflection of the old brickwork, chipped paint, and hopeful wildflowers strewn across our city. Imperfect watercolors and shaky pen lines evoke vague familiarity, depicting liminal spaces that have an ambiguously comforting marriage of acquaintance, abandonment or wear, and often a reminder from nature that we are not alone.

Anahid Ypres


Born in Iran in 1984, raised within an Armenian family, I grew up in a multicultural environment. Moving back to

Armenia as a teenager, I then quickly fell in love with arts in general. With the precious support from my family, I

attended the prestigious Panos Terlemezyan State academy of Fine Arts of Yerevan.

Living abroad also helped adding layers of culture to my already complex background: first France where I met my

husband, and now United States. I now have a studio in the historic district of college hill in Providence Rhode Island

where I spend most of my creative time.

Throughout the years, oil and acrylic have been a natural answer to my art experience, but constant curiosity and

trials in new materials made me encounter and study clays and glazes. This close-to-alive chemistry allows me to give

my vision a new life, in different forms and dimensions. I often rely on my instincts to choose the material and

mediums for my work.

My work is mostly abstracted vision of daily life, sometimes landscapes, sometimes figures and other times distorted

objects and still life. I like to use vibrant colors and exaggerate the beauty of everyday things.

I like my viewers to wander through my paintings, find something that no one else did and keep searching.

We're celebrating 4 years in September along with the closing of the show. It'll be special. Save the date!

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