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Creative T-Shirt Design Contest

Hello to all of our wonderful friends / supporters. Since Public opened we have yet to create a shirt for our merchandise. We have thought about it for a while and decided we did not want to settle for a simple logo t-shirt.

Right away we knew it had to be something that will tell a story & get our community involved.

We have decided to host a T-Shirt design contest, the winners design will be used for our 1st ever Public T-Shirt release.


If you would like to participate please read the following details. Submission should be a sketch of the design you have in mind. From there we will choose the top three artists to finalize their designs.

Submissions are due May 16th by Midnight EST.

A winner will be chosen May 26th via email and social media


  • Our theme is growth, art & community

  • This design should incorporate key words (growth, art & community.

  • All designs are limited to being 3 colors maximum.

To submit: Click here

If you have any questions email

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