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At Public, we're all about bringing people together to share knowledge and learn from one another. Our workshops are led by community members who are passionate about a variety of topics and interests. From beginners to experts, we welcome everyone to join us for a class and learn something new. Explore our workshop offerings and join the Public community today!

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Origami Basics / The Folded Universe 
Choose up to 8 sessions
Sundays Jan. 7th- Feb. 25th

3-4 PM 

Delve into a series of hands on paper folding workshops that explore various folding techniques in the Japanese art of origami. Dating back to about a 1000 years ago, origami has a wide range of possibilities and applications - from single fold sculptures to intricately folded, detailed models. Origami has also been the inspiration for design in the healthcare and space research fields. We shall talk about one technique every session and participants are welcome to pick and choose the ones they want to sign up for. No prior folding experience required. All age groups and backgrounds are welcome! All materials and instructions provided.

  • Day 1: Figurative Origami

  • Day 2: Modular Origami

  • Day 3: Tessellations

  • Day 4: Fractals

  • Day 5: Corrugations

  • Day 6: Designing Corrugations (Signing up for Day 5 recommended if signing up for this, but not mandatory)

  • Day 7: Curve Folding

  • Day 8: Gift Boxes

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Beginner Book Structures
Sundays Jan. 6th & 20th 
3-5 PM 

Have you been wanting to bind your own books but don’t know where to start? Are you an aspiring zine maker? Maybe you want to tell a story or store your memorabilia meaningfully? Look no further! In this beginner class, you will learn how to make three fundamental book structures: one-page zines, the pamphlet stitch, and accordion books. These foundational structures can be applied to many projects and adapted into more advanced forms later in your book making journey. We will be using recycled and gleaned materials and welcome you to put your own creative spin on your practice books. You will leave with three of your very own handmade books and the knowledge to make more!

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Macrame + Experience
Friday, Jan 19th, 5:30 - 8:30 PM

Experience a healing and intentional guidance while learning macrame. You will receive a plant, pretty pot, and the macrame planter hanger you make. During the workshop you will receive a sound healing, gentle guided yoga, light refreshments, and snacks. All provided in addition to the materials provided!

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Linocut Printmaking Workshop
Sun Jan 28th, 11-1:30 PM

A linocut workshop focused on Mantras & Setting intentions for the New Year.


You will learn about relief prints, a form of printmaking which involves carving out an image to then be printed repeatedly. We will provide the materials and guide you through a step by step process of the artform. 


The workshop is $35-55 and open to all but space is limited.

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